Our first patient!

Today was exciting and rather busy! We received our first wildlife rescue call! A woman in Belize City called to report an injured tiger heron in her yard, it had been sitting there for two days unable to fly. Rachel and I called our contact down there and she was able to catch the heron and bring it to us. This bird is absolutely stunning – rusty orange with dark “stripes” – definitely lives up to its name. It’s full name is bare-throated tiger heron, and that is because it has a patch of skin on its throat that is featherless (and yellow) – see picture below. The heron is in pretty good shape though its shoulder is slightly swollen. We took the heron and the black vulture we have in care to the vet that works with Nikki so we could get radiographs. The radiographs didn’t show anything on the heron so we brought it back home. We set it up in a shower that is in the garage and it seems to be quite happy down there – readily eating the fish the workers caught in Nikki’s pond on the property. We will let it rest for a few days, test fly it and hopefully release it!

We also got a call about a parrot a man rescued as a baby and now wants to give up because it is too loud. It is illegal to own parrots in Belize so we will happily accept this bird – it is young, last year’s baby, so hopefully still wild enough to be releasable!

We are still trying to arrange transport for the injured black and white hawk eagle, hopefully that will come on Sunday – another beautiful bird! Google it and see! 🙂

And finally, after a really long and busy day – Rachel and I went out to pick up a pizza and when we got home we couldn’t get the lock opened on the gate to the driveway. So we are sitting in the driveway with the truck lights on the gate trying the combination over and over, really tired and really hungry. We probably called just about everyone we met this week to help us get back in! Nikki’s wonderful neighbor came over and of course, all she had to do was look at the lock and the combination worked! What a day!


Absolutely beautiful! You can see the patch of featherless skin that gives the bird its name.

Absolutely beautiful! You can see the patch of featherless skin that gives the bird its name.

Not bad for a shower enclosure!

Not bad for a shower enclosure!






2 thoughts on “Our first patient!

  1. Lois olmstead says:

    What a beauty!

  2. Peggy Sschuerholz says:

    Oh gosh, what a face!

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