Our first day

Our first day was actually quite busy! We got up early (with the help of numerous parrots loudly greeting the sun) and immediately got to work preparing food for all the birds Nikki has in care. Nikki has many aviaries on site housing many different species. For parrots there are red-loreds, yellow-headed, white fronted (and I believe she also said blue-headed – and maybe yellow-loreds…), she has three toucans, two of which are collared aracari and Amy, a non-releasable keel-billed toucan. She also has parakeets, budgies, pionus, and amazingly, Eurasian collared doves. I’m just starting to recognize the differences in the species – hopefully I didn’t forget anyone! We are also working with a black vulture who is unable to stand – we have been experimenting with housing so he is comfortable – not an easy thing to do. Not all of these birds are releasable (for one reason or another) but they are all remarkable. It is an amazing experience replacing food dishes in an aviary and having a parrot click its beak in your ear as it is checking out its food. Rachel has jumped right into things and is already planning on doing a great big aviary shift moving parrots from one side of the property to the other. We also have big plans (if we can pull it together) to build an aviary for Amy that will hopefully better suit her needs but can also be modified for other birds once she has found a home. Lots of projects! We certainly will be busy! 🙂

Nikki also took us on a quick tour of Belmopan today – we went to various markets and Nikki showed us where we will be getting food for the parrots. We ate at her daughter and son-in-law’s restaurant for both lunch and dinner (yum!) and we spent the evening at the British High Commission where we met many nice people and people we can call on if we need help. All in all a very good day highlighted by a kiskadee that appeared at Rachel’s window this morning. 🙂 Hopefully we will get pictures soon!



3 thoughts on “Our first day

  1. Christine Anderson says:

    You two are living vicariously for US! Be well, learn a TON, and bring it home to teach us! Mostly, enjoy the moments of, “being in the present”!

  2. Kathy Jones says:

    What an experience! Sounds like you hit the ground running. Keep the blog coming

  3. Julie Ross says:

    So glad you guys made it safely. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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